Call for applications: Participation at the „HMAA Füred 2015” Conference

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Council of Students’ Research Society for Medical and Health Sciences invites applications for participation at the „HMAA Füred 2015” Conference. Application is open for students having outstanding research activity and scholastic record. Further requirement is to perform an oral presentation or a poster at the conference based on the research topic and scientific results of the applying student.

Date and place of the conference: 21-22. August 2015 (Fri-Sat), National Hospital for Cardiology, Balatonfüred

Because of the reduced registration fee that is ensured for students in case of being an HMAA member, attachment of the membership request is also required for valid application. Membership can be required for free via the website of the conference after log in:

Considerations for the evaluation of applications: Presentations at the Local and National Conferences of SRS, SRS papers, in extenso publications, poster/oral presentations at other conferences.
All applicants have to attach the abstract of the scientific work they would like to present on the conference. You can find the formal reqiurements of abstracts below this link:

All applicants have to verify the research activity involved in his/her application with the documents listed below (if exists): -Presentations at the Local and National Conferences of SRS: certificate form should be downloaded (from the website of SRS) and verificated by the Educational Office; administrator responsible for SRS: Ms. Judit Derzsi, Educational Office, room 103
-SRS papers: same as mentioned above
-In extenso publications: publication date, site of publication (webpage, name of journal), copy of front page which contains the abstract
-Participation at other conferences: copy of the front page of the abstract booklet and also of the pages that contain the abstract

The 10 applicants reaching the highest scores will get the scholarships. The registration fee, accomodation and travel costs will be covered for them until 30000 HUF/person limit.

Deadline of application: 10th of April 2015, 12:00 am; Educational Office, room 103.
Applications/verifications submitted after the deadline will be considered as being invalid.
List of winners will be published on the webpage ( on the 13th of April.

Támogatók: Támogatók: Az NTP-TDK-14-0007 számú, A Debreceni Egyetem ÁOK TDK tevékenység népszerűsítése helyi konferencia keretében, az NTP-TDK-14-0006 számú, A Debreceni Egyetem Népegészségügyi Karán folyó Tudományos Diákköri kutatások támogatása, NTP-HHTDK-15-0011-es A Debreceni Egyetem ÁOK TDK tevékenység népszerűsítése 2016. évi helyi konferencia keretében, valamint a NTP-HHTDK-15-0057-es számú, A Debreceni Egyetem Népegészségügyi Karán folyó Tudományos Diákköri kutatások támogatása című pályázatokhoz kapcsolódóan az Emberi Erőforrás Támogatáskezelő, az Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma, az Oktatáskutató és Fejlesztő Intézet és a Nemzeti Tehetség Program